Single use of Gloss Optimiser

I don’t know if this has been covered else where, but I have not seen it asked.
I have started using the new Piezography Pro and am truly impressed with the results that I’ve been getting. I really like the control over tones! A MAJOR plus as far as I’m concerned. After having gone back through years of images I had always wanted to print as B&W, I now realize that I should have been saving for all the paper that I’ll be using. 8^) WOW is this system beautiful and easy. But my question is about the Gloss optimizer in the new set. I also have another printer that I run ConeColor and was wondering if I can run the color prints through the other printer(that is loaded with PP) to coat with only the GO as was possible with my older K7 set. I don’t recall seeing a GO setting in the new set of curves, but maybe I just haven’t look far enough through them yet.

Go from the K7 is built for second pass, so use that. GCO is meant for same-time printing so it doesn’t work as well for second pass. We do this at Cone Editions Press for almost all gloss color printing.

Interestingly, we are working on a some magic stuff that allows for gloss optimizing (clear channel) in a color epson printer but it will be a while for that. :wink:


That’s what I was afraid of-not backward compatable. So since I had to remove the old GO from the K7 set in order to install the new PP, I won’t be able to just send the color prints through to coat them.