Single Channel flush proceedure

I am having problems with one color (LK) that has a consistent pattern missing about 25%. I am ready to flush the channel which is LK and the current black. There are no instructions on this site that I can find that explains the best practice of flushing a single channel. Initial fill sounds like the machine will just push ink through the other four channels therefore flushing my money down the toilet. I am more than a little disappointed and the lack of useful info on this topic. The idea that customers buy your products and inkjetmall ships with little to no information on how to use the product is negligent.

Is this the level of detail you allow at inkjetmall? I am really getting concerned that $150 I spent on cleaning supplies is questionable at best and may even damage my printer…Unbelievable…

Words mean things and if you use the word “ink” in your directions for “cleaning fluid” one would think that you should at least mention this once, being that there are no instructions for CLEANING FLUID!


You placed a web order for two PiezoFlush cleaning cartridges. MK and LK which both have the same instructions directly on the product page. We provide this information pre-sale so customers can make informed decisions. On the product page,, click on Additional Information and read the instructions for use. It will explain how to Flush your printer. The instructions are thorough.

All of the ink channels are located in one print head. Epson does not manufacture any printers with independent channel control. Some manufacturers produce printers which have a print head for each color and the manufacturer installs a mechanism for clearing a single channel. Epson does not do this. In order for you to flush the two channels that you purchased product for, you will need to follow the Initial Fill procedure. The other eight channels will draw fluid from the ink cartridges that are presently installed when the print head has the strong suction procedure of the Initial Fill. You can choose to either flush the entire printer with a set of carts or one or more channels by installing only in those positions. But you will lose ink in the other positions. This is how Epson designed their printer maintenance procedures. Whether you do it yourself or pay for a technician to visit you, the only way to effectively flush a channel on a X890, or X900 printer is by Initial Fill.

There is a way to use QTR to flush a single channel without losing ink in the other positions, but it is not effective for clogs or trying to free up matter in your ink exchanger or print head. It is used to flush out one ink in order to install another. You will find that instruction also on our Articles / Product Manuals and Instructions page on this tech website here.

You can use the cartridge filling instructions that came with your product to correctly fill the cartridge (whether it is any of our inks or PiezoFlush, the instructions for filling are the same.) You can watch a video on how to fill your cartridge on the same product page above. Click on Videos, then click on How to Use 7890 9890 7900 9900 refillable carts.

We have limited support on the weekends but I will check in again on you tomorrow if you post here.