Silver Printing with Piezo DN

I am interested in printing Silver prints using PiezoDN system and I have a few questions.

I currently have Piezography2 warm neutral inks installed on my R3000 printer which I use forcreating digital negatives for platinum/palladium prints as well as direct BW inkjet printing.

I know that you support Silver printing through PiezoDN as its one of your profiles and I have seen customers reference it but I cant find any specific information about the silver process in the manual or your forum postings. While Im familiar with standard silver gelatin printing and platinum contact printing, I’m not sure which methodology you are using for silver prints using PiezoDN

  1. When you refer to silver printing are you referring to printing on standard silver gelatin papers or on print-out papers such as Lodima Silver Chloride (there were Foma papers but I BRLVthink but they have been discontinued I believe).

  2. If you are using standard silver gelatin papers are you printing digital negatives to 8x 10 or 4 x 5 inch transparencies and then placing these digital negatives in the enlarged or are putting paper and print sized negativedigital negative in contact frame and then placing contact frame under the enlarger to expose?

  3. If the PiezoDn method for making silver prints is based on contact printing do you still recommend Pitorico OHP ultra premium transparency film?

  4. If the method involves contact printing, could I use my Arista exposure unit instead of an enlarger to expose my images?

  5. Can I properly expose an image on silver paper with the UV bulbs in my Arista Exposure unit? If not,could I still use the same exposure unit but swap out the bulbs for a fuller spectrum bulbs rather than uv bulbs? If not are there other lights you would recommend for exposing my images. I do not have and do not intend to buy an enlarger

  6. Are there certain paper you recommend? I saw Ilford Multigrade IV listed. Are there other papers that produce good results?



Sorry I haven’t received a reply. Any suggestions?