Should I Rescue my 7890?

I put my SP 7890 printer in storage with the ink cartridges installed seven years ago where it has been sitting since. Should I attempt to get it going again?

It has maybe 200 total prints. I installed Cone Color inks & cartridges.

I am assuming I would have to get the PiezoFlush kit with cartridges.

Thank you!


I just tried to rescue a 7900 and purchased 11 cartridges and gallon of Piezoflush. Had 7 channels that worked but tried initial fills x 2 and could not restore them. I do not want to invest in piezo BW inks as I need a color printer. I live in RI and am willing to sell the printer including 11 new carts which have only had Piezoflush in them for $300.


Thank you for that. I am not in the market for a BW printer either. Just wondering if it would be worth attempting.