Should I accept a free gift of a 9900 with clogged green channel?

I have a friend who does commercial fine art printing who has a 9900 that has had the printhead replaced just as her two year warranty was running out. She has used the replacement head for the past two years and her green channel just died two weeks AFTER her second warranty had run out. So, the printer has had four years of use. She has offered it to me for free as a backup printer, (I have an old, trusty 9800). I am worried I might be accepting a boat anchor that will cause me much grief since reading about the 9900’s problems on this forum. The 9900 seems to have design flaws from what I read. Any advice? If I post her last test printout could someone determine if it’s a blown printhead or a possibly clearable clog? She had been using it daily before the channel just quit, has tried multiple cleanings, distilled water on a cloth on the printhead, etc, but she did not know of piezoflush so that has not been tried. She has already ordered a P9000 and will just trash the 9900 if I don’t take it. If it was a 9800 I would not think twice, but I don’t want to end up being the guy with the sledgehammer in the youtube video. A printer with constant problems does me no good. Thanks for any help.

So, a clogged green channel means the orange channel is next. However, that means that this print head will still work in a 9890 body (it does not use the orange and green channels) and it will also work with Gutenprint (which also does not print with the orange and green channels) or other rips that allow for independent channel control.

Long story short, yes, I would get it. These printers can last a while with 1 channel pair out and this case it is not catastrophic print-wise. But you have to use a alternative print driver (Gutenprint). That being said, Gutenprint is quite good if you custom profile it.