Shipping has improved

Well, hat’s off to USPS for the last ink order. Vermont to CA in only 3 days! Shipped Monday and shows up Wednesday after lunch.

Fwiw, I’ve had very poor delivery with UPS for anything east to west coast. Twice as slow as USPS and twice the USPS price too. Plus, a UPS Saturday delivery with them is outrageous and it is not part of their 2-day any longer which is also very high. USPS is six day for same price, and I see they are running some Amazon orders on Sundays.

UPS Ground often rolls over weekends to become 7 days instead of 5 so I have to order gear out of LA (Samys or Freestyle Photo) if I can rather than wait for UPS to drive it west. Worse is they let it sit in their hub for 2-3 days before attempting delivery as “You didn’t pay for 3 day so you can’t have it until Monday.”

Also, the bottles with the filling nipples (Can’t stand the messy and slow syringe filling method.) showed up with no leaks, unlike the last ones where one flat-top bottle with the aluminum seal leaked out a third of the ink.


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I love it when companies use USPS too, although it seems to take a long time to get up in WA where I pick things up.

I ordered a computer from Lenovo and it’s been sitting in the UPS office for almost a week, right here in Vancouver. It’s like they forgot about it. That reminds me, I need to call them again.

(IJM… thanks for using USPS!)

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