Shipping Costs to Canada

I have an Epson 3880 and have, over the last six months or so, switched completely over to Cone Color Pro inks.

My problem is that I live in Canada, and your shipping costs are punishing. For a 220ml bottle of ink costing $45, I pay $31 in shipping. I’d love to be able to buy all my inks in large quantities and at the same time, but neither my printing frequency nor my budget/cashflow allow me to do that.

By comparison, Marrut inks from the US cost about the same, but the delivery cost is $10. I have to confess, I don’t know what method they use, but cost is much more important for me, so they represent an attractive alternative.

I want to keep using Cone Color because of your good reputation, but I can’t if shipping costs remain this high. Can you suggest/implement any other lower-cost options for shipping to Canada?

Thanks for considering this.


Harold Eastman

Hi Harold,

The lowest cost shipping option that we will offer to anyone must have some form of tracking that provides some form of proof of delivery - and that requirement means that we must use Priority International Mail rather than regular post. And this is what the US Post Office charges to hand the package off to the Canadian Post Office and have the Canadian Post Office report tracking back to the USA Post Office.

If you were willing to accept the financial responsibility of a package that is lost or is not delivered to you, we could accept providing ordinary stamp based regular post to you. We could mail up to 4 lbs by regular stamped post to Canada for $15.00. But, we would need some form of writing from you holding us harmless in the case that it was not delivered to you.

best regards,



Sorry to take so long to reply. Guess I need to set up some sort of email notification from the forum.

Thanks for the explanation and for offering that alternative. I’ll have to think it over.

Still enjoying using your inks on 3880. Problem free. :slight_smile: