Sharpening - Needed? Piezo - soft edges

The majority of what I print is artwork, often pencil, with K7 Carbon/Han. Photo Rag 308. I have observed slightly soft edges where the original is more crisp. I tend to scan at 16/bit high resolution, at least 600 dpi but 1200 for smaller works. I had a particular problem printing a drawing done with a pen. How much sharpening do most people do to adjust for printing?

Theory: No matter how high resolution the scan, there is some ramping at high contrast edges as the pixel grid creates gray pixels when it bridges part paper, part graphite or ink. Most regular printing would clip those slight ramps and so the edge would look sharp. But the Piezo system can print the slight grays in the scan and the result is an edge that is softer than the drawing.

If I do sharpening, I create a mask mostly with ‘find edges’ then blurring that plus painting on the mask, use that for the Sharpen function.

I’m curious about sharpening to make the printing be as sharp as the original, especially with an enlargement, and not artistic image sharpening. Thanks!