Sharing Piezoflush filled cartridges?

I have an Epson P800 which is just over than six months old. It has been loaded up with ConeColor Pro inks for nearly all that time. If I go more than 3-5 days without printing or at the very least printing a nozzle check, the VM channel will show clogs. This contrasts with my 3800 which using Epson inks I could easily go a month sometimes two months with zero use and go right back to printing without any clogs or cleanings. ( exact same environmental conditions and regular cartridge agitation.)

So here is my situation. At the end of this month I am moving a long distance. I will not have the time to babysit this printer and inkset with nozzle checks and most likely will be too involved with life to spend time with it at all for a month or so. Based on performance thus far I fully anticipate returning to this printer after I get settled and finding it a clogged mess.

My immediate preventative plan is this: To take the ink cartridges out of the P800 and replace them from the cartridges in my 3800 which has been put up into storage with Piezoflush in each cartridge. Then to flush the lines in the P800 so that all lines are full of Piezoflush for the move and for the immediate future.

Here is my question. The 3800 is set to be moved into service after the move as a Piezography printer. With the carts removed from the 3800 will the Piezoflush in the lines stay in those lines and protect the printhead with the cartridges removed.

Basically, can a person store two or more printers using just one set of cartridges filled with Piezoflush?

Purchasing an additional set of cartridges at $150.00 is not an option.

For bonus points: anyone have a theory why this CCPro vivid magenta is so prone to clogs after just 3-5 days of disuse when the Epson inks in the 3800 could go weeks with no problem?

You want to keep cartridges in the printer (regardless of the cartridge) so if you PF your p800, turn it off, and then put the 38xx carts in it (or literally any cartridges that have ink in the outlet port) so the ink stems on this printer do no dry out.

This way you can PF both printers and store both printers with PF in there.


Thanks. I appreciate the info.