Shade 1 Gloss ink

I have two shade 1 gloss inks. One is SEL which came when I bought K7 Neutral ink. The other is WN which was for shade 1 SEL. Looking at the sales site, neutral now uses WN and not SEL.

Are these two inks the same? It looks that way if the ink for neutral has changed.

I’m setting up a P2 3880 using my old inks and would like to know what’s what before proceeding.

Don’t use the SEL. This is not as good of a PK ink as WN1. Frankly, the WN1 has been replaced by the much better HD-PK ink IMO.


Should I also use the HD matte ink?

Yes. It’s an amazing 100% carbon ink. L* value of 12.45 on some matte papers (compared to 14.65 for Epson ink, and 16ish for our old NU1 ink)


The HD inks don’t show up on the international site in sets as they do on the US site. Do I get the HD inks from the Pro ink section?