Severe banding using QTR and none in Light room

Hi, got a weird one… printed to radial grads, one looks like a bullseye the other is cool… QTR is the bad boy…
setup: win7 64 bit and win vista 32 bit, QTR is latest out, inks properly installed, Epson driver = no color mgmt, paper= firefly and hana photorag, ink set= Carbon, files greyscale, gamma 2.2, 16 and 8 bit, unidirectional and bidirectional, changed resolutions from 2880 to 1400… ok thats pretty much the basics for QTR, tried all sorts of permutations… same same…

here is the rub… lightroom prints a smooth grad…with pretty much any icc in color mgmt.
I hope the files make it… as I got error msgs on upload

now knowing me, I probably outsmarted myself somewhere along the line

thanks, john

Are you using QTRgui to print with?

Or are you printing through the Epson driver, selecting Quad driver, then QTR curve?

While making these tests I first used the QTRgui and had color mgmt turned off in epson driver… result was bullseye. As to>>
“Or are you printing through the Epson driver, selecting Quad driver, then QTR curve?”<<… I’m not clear as to what you are asking,
to tell the truth I was not aware that quad driver was accessable through epson interface… when setting up for QTR usage I set the 1400
printing preferences dialog box as following… Color Mgmt = ICM selected… just below that “No Color Adjustment” is checked… That ssums up
the QTR relationship to Epson driver…(I think)

When printing from LIghtRoom and getting an acceptable (no bullseye) print, I set the printing prefs dialog for the epson as follows:

ICM selected
ICM mode = Driver ICM (basic)
input profile =sRGB IEC61966-2.1
Intent = perceptual
Printer Profile= HFA_Eps1400_MK_photorag
and thats about it… …

sending a screen shot of qtr setup

It’s probably something simple, but for now I’m stumped
thanks so much

by the way… the qtr screen shot is the setup when I do not use epson color mgmt

You can not print to Piezography inks from Lightroom using the settings you communicated to us via ICC management and the Epson driver. It just does not work.

You need to adhere to Piezography workflow.

To export your images from Lightroom for printing in the stand-alone QTR GUI you must set the color space settings in the Export window to AdobeRGB (1998). So that the image you are printing is in Gamma 2.20.

The QTR GUI does NOT print to the Epson driver. It replaces it and the settings in the Epson driver have no effect on QTR GUI.

Our curves are designed for printing at 2880 with QTR and you should try uni-directional. DO NOT adjust ANYTHING in the Advanced Settings as Piezo curves are not compatible with those settings.

Of course - this is all dependent upon your having the ink shades in the correct slots of your printer…

Let us know if this helps!

I am a bit confused in how you are using QTR to print Piezography because there is no EPSON color management with Piezography because the EPSON printer driver is NOT used. So I am not understanding your logic or what you are doing.

Have you read the NEW Piezography manual? And do you have a full understanding of the Piezography workflow? You must adhere to it or you will not get acceptable results. How you use QTR GUI is very well documented in the new Piezography manual. You should not follow the QTR manual that is downloaded with QuadTone RIP. You must only follow the workflow in the NEW Piezography Manual.