Setting up Epson Artisan 1430 with Conecolor ink

Please provide step by step instructions for setting up my printer to work with this ink.

I am using Adobe Elements 10. My Operating system is Windows 10 (64 bit), and I am using a Dell desktop.

When I send images to a networked HP inkjet printer, the results are consistent with the screen image. But when I send them to the Epson 1430, there is a noticeable pale green tint.

I have worked through the existing online guide, and think I have complied.

Thank you

Are you printing with the correct ICC profile on the correct paper?

There is further reading required if not.


I have read the link you provided, as I stated in my post “worked through the online guide and think I have complied.” But the instructions in the online guide presuppose Photoshop, which I am not using and are based on a different printer with a different setup. Again, I made clear I am working with Elements 10.

I have had two phone calls with Wells who also sent me the link you provided. He told me to post on the forum and “we will look for your post”

But you just sent me a link to what I have already read. I am not a computer expert, nor do I have any experience with settings, profiles, etc. How do I check whether I am using the correct profile on the correct paper?

Still no success with printing - I have followed all your instructions re: How to print with ICC Profiles. Everything I have printed especially black and white look as though they have been dyed or tinted green. The ink levels box indicates not all the colors are being used in the same ratio. The black (photo black) ,magenta and cyan cartridges have used slightly less ink, although this might be normal. There is a disconnect between the screen image and what is printed. What should I do next? I can provide the software settings (Elements 10) and printer preferences settings if it’s helpful, but so far the image output seems not to differ regardless of settings. If I send the image to our HP printer the print is fine.

Please let me know what paper your are printing with and what profile.

We do not support Elements 10 workflow as the vast majority of users are printing with PS or Lightroom but I can download and investigate but I did come across this over at RedRiver.