Setting up an UNUSED Epson 7600 for Piezography BWv- What Do I Need to Know

I currently own an UNUSED Epson 7600, I’m trying to decide whether to sell it or to configure it for Piezography.
Since I bought this, and never used it, I have no clue on how to proceed.
In the little bit of reading that I’ve done it seems that I need a set of “chips” from OEM cartridges in order to get started.
If so, I have an Ebay auction to cancel.
Does the size of the cartridge matter (110 or 220)?
For neutral prints on matte what inks will I need?
It seems that the legacy inks are not available to new users, so the reading that I’ve done in the past is worthless.
And what about profiles?
Are there standard downloadable profiles, or will I have to have someone write them for my printer.
I’ll probably be using Hanemuhle Rag 308 exclusively.

Thanks for any help.