Setting up a 'New' refurbished 3880

I’m slowly diving into un-replied posts that were buried by our previous forum software a few years back.

The cartridge marked P800 must have been shipped wrong from Epson!

3800/3880 cartridges from us require the Epson OEM chip so you would need on Epson cyan chip for the 3880 to work. Sorry for the non-reply. Hopefully this post is useful to someone who stumbles upon it.


I just received a refurbished 3880 today and my plan is to use it for Piezography only so the only color printing will be to test the printer to make sure there aren’t any problems. This was actually my second refurbished 3880 in the past 3 weeks; the first one arrived damaged.

The 3880 came with a full set of 80ml inks; but I intend to test it with the carts from a 3800 (except for Vivid Magenta and Vivid Light Magenta) and then use the chips out of those older carts in the refillable cartridges I’ll be ordering from Inkjet Mall.

The boxes for most of the inks that came with the 3880 indicate they can be used with either the 3800 or the 3880 so I think my plan should work. I am a little confused by the Cyan cartridge that came with the 3880. It is marked as being for the P800 and has a product number of T8502. The rest of the set starts with T58–.

Do you think someone packed the wrong Cyan or does it not matter? And does my plan for using the chips from the old carts seem ok?

Any advice on this would be appreciated.