Setting a custom paper size

I’m printing a book on Moab Entrada paper in the size they offer for bookbinding: 13" W x 12" H. I’m using an Epson 3880, Piezo Pro inset, and Print Tool. I planned to start proofing today, but:

In the Print Tool I can find no way to set a custom paper size. I tried setting a size in the Epson driver for All Printers, but that didn’t transfer to the Print Tool.

How do I make a custom paper size to accommodate 13x12 (or 12x13) paper?

Or if there’s no provision for custom settings in Print Tool, should I just select 13x19 and let the paper run out? (Fortunately it’s matte, not glossy, paper, so the printer would not keep laying down gloss optimizer, thinking it should continue beyond 12 to 19 inches!)


Read through the Print Tool 2 manual again and still have found nothing about custom paper sizes.

Hi Kirk
In Print Tool 2.0 (Mac), click Paper & Print Settings… drop down menu in the Print Tool window, click Paper Size in the drop down menu, at the bottom you’ll see Manage Custom Sizes. This opens a place for you to enter your Paper Size, specify margins, save as a User Defined etc.
Hope this helps,

Thank you!

I created a page with detailed illustrated instructions for defining custom paper sizes on Print-Tool version 2 here:

Thanks for the write-up. One thing to note.

The Custom Paper size option (for a printer) is not related to PrintTool (or even QuadtoneRIP) in any way. This is a purely OS X thing.