Set Ink CRTG message on led screen



I receive this message on my epson 4000 printer when inserting a newly purchased refillable cartridge from Ink Jet Mall. Can you suggest a solution please?


What is the exact message displayed on your printer’s LCD screen?
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Please let me know so I can help.
Best regards~ Dana


Hi Nick~ I;m waiting for your response so I can help you past this error and back to happily printing.

Please let me know, thanks~ Dana


Dana here is the led message…


Dana can you see the image this time?


Thanks Nick. After reviewing your order history, I see you’ve purchased PK, LK + LM refillable cartridges. From your photo, it looks like the LM cartridge is causing the error.
Have you tried removing + reinserting the LM cartridge, making sure the cart is pushed in all the way for a good connection between the chip and chip sensor?
This error can appear when the chip and sensor don’t have a good connection, or if the chip is not working correctly. When people have a full set of refillable carts installed, we recommend they turn the printer’s chip sensor off to eliminate any chip related errors, but you can’t do this since you have some Epson carts still installed (you wouldn’t know the ink levels, and could run a cartridge dry without realizing).

Please let me know, thanks~ Dana


Dana you are correct, it is the LM cart. Yes I’ve removed and re-inserted the cart a number of times with no success. I’ve tried it in both my Epson 4000 and Epson 9600 repeatedly with same results. I agree turning the printer’s chip sensor off is not a good solution at this point. Your thoughts?? Thank you.


Thanks for the additional information Nick.
I will send you a replacement LM chip to attach to your LM refillable cartridge.
Please follow the instructions here (specific to your printer/cartridge model), to replace the chip:

Let me know how the new chip works, if you have questions, or there;s anything else I can help you with.
Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile:


Understood thank you for your patience and expertise Dana.