Service program

I have a full set of Jon Cine auto re-set carts in my Epson 4900. When I start the service program and try to make adjustments, I get a message: “Set up failed. Main board may be defective.”
Some functions seem to work, but do they? I am having trouble running an initial charge. No ink is drawn into the dampers and so, not into the head.
I changed the main board to no avail, so I went back to the original board.
This error message goes away when I install Epson carts.
Any info would be helpful. Tnx

First. Check that all the carts are in the correct slots.

Second, do three power cleanings. This is the same as initial fill on this printer.

You may be experiencing a silent epson firmware upgrade snafu. They do this to older model printers sometimes to try and lock out third party ink carts after the fact