Service code 1489 EPSON 9900

This came up after a routine cleaning I’ve done successfully multiple times before following Dana’s YouTube instructions. looking at the service manual, my only viable option before recycling this beast seems to be a wiper homing sensor connection if it is fairly readily accessible.Could I have knocked something loose? Seems unlikely.Any help appreciated,

it seems like there’s just a gear out of wack or something is loose. You can remove the right side cover and move the white gears and you may see something gone.

The cleaning assembly part is a little under 200 bucks but easily replaced.


Thanks Walker,The gears look fine and I checked for anything loose but it seems good.The rear gear array seems that to operate as a cam that lifts the capping station slightly. i assume that’s normal.
Since the only electrical connection I removed was a ribbon cable in the control panel,can I temporarily connect and restart to check my efforts before reassembly? Is Compass Micro the source for the part?
Thanks again!! Ken

Good morning Walker, well it was worth a try,but no luck.I was pretty sure it was going to be something else when I removed the cover.It was just pristine,like everything else about this problem was the lack of due diligence when bought ti from a pretty large scale print shop a few years ago. they were forthright about maintenance problems , but it was working great,and I figured I could live with a dropped channel or two in the future
Had I only read the posts by you and Jon about the head and damper weaknesses,I would never have considered this model.I’m fairly convinced that the two additional ink channels without a proper pressurization upgrade is the fatal flaw of this printer. It’s probably a miracle it lasted this long.I think the pressure motor/motors are shot judging by some of the code remedies, It’s dead to me. Not worth the time or expense.Again I do appreciate your suggestion.
Best, Ken