Selenium Tone inks printing to warm

Have recently switched from Neutral to selanium toned inks, flushed several times but print is coming out to warm, have tried the same file on a normal 4880 using imageprint and fine . any ideas ?

You mentioned flushing several times.

  1. How did you flush? What was your procedure to push Flush through the system?

  2. What was your procedure to install the inks and get the new inks to the print head?

Hello Jon,
Flushing carried out using the new ink set as a purge for the Neutral Set , using the standard printer maintainance flush three times , have also performed an additional flush but still the prints are warm . the new ink set was installed using new carts . Roger.

Dear Roger. What paper are you printing on? Some papers print cool w/ Selenium and some print warm with Selenium. This ink is like a polarizer. It amplifies the chemical/optical difference between papers.


And I was going to add that Selenium is quite warm in and of its self tending towards warm purple like selenium toning… Maybe Roger should send a couple prints to us and we can say yep that’s Selenium or nope that’s not…

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jot down what paper they are printed on

Hello Jon,
The paper I am printing on is Canson Photo Lustre Premium RC compared to a supplied print on Canon Lustre Pro which looks pretty much Neutral. The warmth fro my prints appears slightly sepia rather than purple. I do note that looking on you web site the Selenium tone from type 2 paper is what i was expecting and type 5 paper is more like what i am getting. However i will send a print over to you to confirm. Many Thanks Roger.

premium RC prints very differently than almost all other papers.