Selenium Cartridge Position

I was gifted an Epson Pro 4880 and an unopened set of Cone Selenium K6(?) inks. I haven’t been able to determine which tone goes into Cartridge 1 and what goes into Cart 7.
The set consists of two “1” bottles; Selenium 1 & Neutral 1, so I’m a little confused as to which ink I should put in cart 1. Also, there is no “7” but I’m assuming that if I can figure out what goes into cart 1, then the other ink 1 would go into cart 7.

My set consists of; Selenium 1, Neutral 1-6 and Gloss Optimizer.

You have P2 inkset. Instructions + ink position chart here: 4800 and 4880 Printer Instructions | Piezography Manual


That still doesn’t answer my question, it doesn’t state where the Selenium ink goes to cart 1 or 7.

Your selenium 1 and neutral 1 are the same. Selenium 1 has not been sold for a very very long time. How old is this ink? You need the HD Photoblack (yellow position) and UltraHD matte black (matte position). These are updated and much better inks than Sel 1 and Nu 1


Best before 2014!
Thanks for the information. I will use what I’ve got for now, and update (buy more) when I need it.