Seldom used Matte Black Ink

I have an Epson Surecolor P7000 printer. I seldom use the matte black ink and am concerned about the channel getting clogged from non-use. I am thinking that I will replace the matte black cart with a piezoflush cart and then replacing the matte black cart if and when I need it. I think this should elevate my concern about getting a clogged channel. Also, I will not be using my printer for a little over a two week period and do not want to go through a complete piezoflush cart swap if I can avoid it. Any feedback is appreciated.

If you are not using your printer for only 2 weeks, you don’t need to worry about PF. If you switch your inks from PK to MK and back every 2-to-4 months that will keep the MK channel good without having to use PiezoFlush either.

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