Seeking info about spray coatings

This may be an easy topic for some but since I’ve never encountered it, I’m asking now. The Piezography inks incorporate a gloss optimizer as part of the process but the Cone Color does not and it was recommended that the print be sprayed to help eliminate gloss differential. My question has to do with what does the coating do to the surface other than protect it. Is there a specific spray for matte as opposed to glossy media? In other words, if spraying a gloss surface, does it turn it into a soft gloss or does the original surface finish remain? how do i know if I’ve over or under coated the print? What is a good product to use? I’m not looking to do any major amount so just looking into the aerosol cans for now.

Keith, I typically use a clear varnichs from either Moab (Desert Varnish) or a similar product from Hahnemuhle (H. Protective Spray… (I think they are probably very much the same.) I use mostly on prints, rag or lustre and soft gloss (Baryta, etc.). In a few instances where I’ve noticed a significant gloss differential (Epson K3 inks), a couple or more coats might reduce the differential. Also, note, some of these items are may have shipping restrictions. I wonder if Krylon crystal clear might also be substituted.

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In 2014, I first became aware of Cone inks when searching for a a solution to the gloss differential problem with color inks. I bought a refurb printer (1430) and experimented with GO over Epson color inks. The result was stunning. No gloss differential and a unique look with increased saturation. I had some digital c-prints made for comparison and compared to inkjet plus GO, the digital c-prints look cheap. I then bought a used 4880 just for GO, which is now a full Piezo Pro printer.

No spray, stunning results, but a second printer is required, but I am limited to 17" wide printing, though my color printer is a 7890.