Screw driver for damper replacement

To all, best length screw driver and which size or sizes will I need to do the damper unit replacement? Just ordered the damper unit for a 9890 any helpful hints welcome!
Thank you,

You want a magnetized Phillips #2 that has a shank of at least 150 mm. These are actually pretty hard to find and you won’t typically find them in a big-box hardware store. This would work:
Vessel 900 P2-150. The Vessel drivers are Japanese and well made.


When I finally got the screw out, carefully so as not to strip the head, I replaced it with an equivalent stainless hex head. I was able to get this in a hardware store

Just be careful…all the machine screws in these printers are metric sizes, not US sizes.

You need, according to the repair manual, a # 1 Philips, magnetized, with a 6 inch shank. Good idea to keep track of which screw goes where, but not necessary. Oh, by the way, you need the repair manual which is downloadable. There seem to be a couple versions, so try to read and follow both.