Scanning Question

As I work with Piezo inks and soon the new PRO system, I have a (what I think is) dumb question. As I work in medium to large format film for capture, is drum scanning the best way to go? Tonal scale is urgent to me and I want to ensure quality at 40 x 40 inches. Maybe even larger. Thank you, Raphael

Having run drum scanners since 2004 to this day, I would say I am biased in this regard. Personally I find that they are very good at ensuring medium to large-format enlargements. Small format film is best either with a drum scanner or flextight (imacon/hasselblad) in my opinion.

So yes, in general, a drum scan will always give you a truer (more analogue looking) scan.

It will never make a shaky unfocused piece of film sharp however. What you put into a drum scanner, you get out.