SC-P800 issue with IJM refillable cartridges: need help!

Dear @osensei,

There’s a lot to unpack here but the first thing I’ll say is the reason why we did the videos was to break away from people skimming instructions too quickly and messing up their cartridge fills. Also, while our cartridge kits do come with priming tips, our individual replacement kits don’t for a reason because they are for people who have a second printer and already have the full kit from a different printer.

If you have gotten ink in your air inlet hole you most likely will need a new cartridge.

But let’s get to the real issue,

It seems like you are trying to use Epson 3880 cartridges (and control chips) with the P800 printer. These are two entirely different printers so I’m not sure why you think that the P800 EU version would somehow work with 3880 cartridges. Our 3880 cartridges FIT in the P800 printer and then our solution in the US has been to add a chip decoder board on the back. If you go to our website the first thing you will see is our chip decoder board. This is for the US model though so probably will not work in the EU. The EU one is easier, what you need is a set of auto-reset chips for the P800-style refillable cartridges (you won’t need a decoder board). We do not sell these but others in the EU market do sell these and they will fit on your existing cartridges from us as long as those carts were filled properly and not damaged. The auto-reset chips for the EU P800 will not have to have OEM chips underneath them.

tldr: You have the wrong chips (3880 not EU model P800).

Sorry for this long story but I really feel disappointed and sad I can’t use my new printer anymore!
I just had first EOM cartridges empty on my 3 months used P800 this week-end, so I decided it was time to switch to the IJM refilable ones I had ordered few weeks ago (3880 compatible ones, simple refilable kit without syringes and inks as I already had all the necessary accessories and inks from my previous R2880).
I live in France and oredered the printer in France, so normally no Epson locked issue here.
so after reading the user guide provided with my refillable kit I started replacing the two first EOM cartridges showing low level alert, deciding I’ll replace the remaining ones later as some of them were still showing nearly 50% full level.
I have gone through the printed user guide provided with the kit, so followed it as close as possible (at least what I understood as maybe an average English fluent French native!) and proceeded with the OEM chip move under the IJM carts reset chip as described in the guide, then filled the cart with the syringe I already had (similar to the R2880 carts process), hopefully realized I had to also remove the plastic cap which is on the ‘air intake’, and finally got to the priming step to realize…
First issue:
maybe I was to much in a hurry when I ordered my IJM kit, but I realized too late that I was missing the priming tip! I don’t understand (for such a little plastic thing) why it is not included in the cartridge kit as it is required for priming process. I also realized later checking the IJM site that this tip is only available as a separate accessory as a dedicated syringe kit. So, second remark, why not also showing a clear warning on the cartridge web pages stating something like ‘warning, you need to order the separate priming kit if don’t already have it’ . The point is not about what it cost but the fact that I have now to place a new order from France just for a $5 piece of plastic!
Second issue:
I may be totaly dumb, but I believe the guide is not very clear about that: the priming, aiming at filling with ink two circular and rectangular chambers in the cart, has to be done pulling air from the exit valve and not from the air intake … and of course I made this exact mistake, that I realized only later because I managed anyway to plug one of my seringe on the air intake using a spare piece of small tube, and finally managed to pull air and fill the two chambers with ink anyway!
I recognize that I have probably gone too fast reading the guide and missed the point, but I believe also the user guide could be much clearer about that, especially the picture showing the priming step should also show the cartridge view from the back and not only from the side. Maybe also a clear ‘warning for dummies’: don’t mix air intake with exit valve!
Third issue:
In the end I finally set the new cartirdges and restart the printer … got ALL the cartridges showing message kind of ‘unknown cartridge’ including the EOM ones!
After reading again the user guide I realized that it seems you have to replace ALL the OEM carts at once! again quite confusing as somewhere else it is described how to replace only one cartridge. If this is really the case why not add a clear warning should be stated as a preliminary information in the guide?
Still in doubt I decided to replace anyway all the remaining OEM ones, so back to the same process, managing also to pull the remaining ink from the OEM ones (much fun not to end with ink linkage everywhere when you finally manage to get to the ‘ink bag’ inside the cart), set all the IJM back in the printer, restart everything: same result, all cartridges showing as unknown ones.
Read again the guide: incase of issue talk about removing all the carts + the cleaning tank, restart the printer, set back all the cartridges in place: done, still the same problem.
Back to the guide, talk about checking that the OEM chip are correctly set under the IJM reset chip: checked, still the same.

So in the end: anyone had experience with the same configuration and kit, hopefully someone living in europe?
any idea what could go wrong?
I don’t believe the fact that I had primed the carts pulling air from the air intake instead of the exit valve should be the issue as at first step it seems to be a chip issue.
I am pretty sure I have placed the OEM chips at the right place. However I could try to change it on one of the carts for testing, but not sure whether this could damage something?
Could ALL the carts show an error if only one or some have an issue?
Wondering also what could be the problem with chips that could cause ALL to display the same error.
Either I am very unlucky and all the EOM chips are damaged, or all the IJM cart and reset chips are damaged , or I have misplaced all the chips, or there is a wrong contact on all the cartridges?
Thanks for your help!