SC P800 decoder not recognizing color cartridges

Hello Walker
I have just installed the decoder and cartridges on my dedicated color P800 (my Piezography one has been working great for two years now).
I get cartridge not installed correcly error for C, VM, LC, VLM, and Y. MK is greyed out. PK, LK and LLK are ok.
I tried the OEM cartridges and get the same error… I have not made any firmware updates.
Any Ideas?
Included photos of the maessage and decoder…


This indicates that a ribbon cable is skewed on the mother board or not replaced correctly (the smaller ribbon cables).


Thanks Walker, I believe you are correct because I returned to the Epson setup and all was ok. Except that when I tried to reinstall the decoder I got a new error: 1512 which is related to an APG sensor or Motor problem. After much research, most recommended I turn it off and wait a while before turning it on again (overnight) but I think I may be screwed at this point.
This is a printer problem at this point so I know you may not be able to help but any input would be appreciated…

So, if anyone is interested in a possible solution to the 1512 error. I ordered an AGP motor and what I believe is the correct sensor, and opened up my P800… waiting for delivery of said parts.
I believe this may be interesting to someone!
I’m kind of freaking out but staying patient. I had done something similar on an old 2400 which went well…! I hope after this unexpected fix the other decoder problem will be easy to fix, as Walker said.
Otherwise I will have a P800 for extra parts but will need to find one to replace it.