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Documentation on P600 cartridges (page 4, insert # 119) directs the user to and references the R3000. On their site, a search for the Epson SC P600 turns up a “Service Adjustment Program” for the P600 which is EAI version and EURO version. Is this what we’re looking for? or should we look for R3000 still? Also note they have a firmware update program for $50 which is supposed to make your P600 chipless. I assume we’re NOT looking for that as the docs have you immediately put the machine in firmware update mode. And what about these “Reset” keys? Sometimes its necessary to be more explicit. Can you help here, please? I’d really rather not do something stupid.

Note that somehow I found myself on R3000 instructions/epson-adj-1ig.jpg on your site, but can’t sure I could ever find that a 2nd time. At that location, I’m reading the display jpegs (screen shots) as ordered left to right and then down, but there’s no real telling. Confirmation would be handy. THanks!


You don’t absolutely need the adjustment program. 5 or 6 nozzle cleanings will flush the new ink through the head.

You also don’t need chipless firmware. Our P600 cartridges work with current P600s. Just don’t update your firmware later on.



Thanks! Let me add that I like your thinking. But to be clear:

  1. is the referenced documentation out-of-date re: Piezography inks reference to It does say “For Windows only…” which may imply it’s not necessary unless there’s a problem.
  2. ditto for the Piezo Flush?

My read was that I need to run a new printer to do a test, print out a couple of test prints with ABW and Epson carts in B&W and color (e.g. under 5?), and then remove the color ink carts to get started with the piezo inks. If so, isn’t the Piezoflush part of this necessary upon 1st conversion/dedication of the printer to Piezo inks?

Worth adding that while I did not sign up for the PiezoPro software and bought Pro inks, I’d kind of assumed there would be some default curves compatible with default (matte) Cone paper that I could run to get my feet wet. Did I miss something here, too?


The PRO curves are all free.

The PRO TOOLS are what you bought. These include tools for calibrating Piezography.

You gotta read the descriptions of those pages so you know what your getting.


If you have PF and Pro inks, the utility will quickly flush the color out, flush in, flush out, and pro inks in. BUT, you can also do this the long way by just running cleanings.


The utility is good to have around if you’ve already bought it though.