SC-P405 chip compatibility

I doubt they are. The best way to verify this is to look at P405 chip SKU numbers vs US P400 chip SKU numbers (from If the SKUs are different, most likely these chips are not cross-compatible.


I’m contemplating buying an SC-P405 in Australia and wondering whether the IJM P400 carts are compatible.

Thanks Walker. The SKU numbers are different. It’s a pity that your new carts have a bigger chip as I can’t just swap chips as I could in the past.

I tried swapping some 1430 chips onto new R2000 carts and could not get them to work. It’s academic for me as I have dumped the R2000 carts now but they did look to have too much play in the new frame.

All third party chips are pretty much the same dimensions. If you find third party carts, their chips will most likely (99% sure) fit on our carts chip frames.