Sad story about a 9900 left sitting too long that lost the green Chanel

Hi Everyone,

So I bought this 9900 2 years ago and only got it going a couple of weeks ago. When I bought it all the Chanels where ok and it was printing nicely.
So I started letting the head soak on piezzoflush cloth for some time. Nothing the green Chanel is totally blocked, not one sigle drop of green. Orange and all others work fine.
So I ordered a set of empty refillable cartridges to InkjetMall with a gallon of PiezzoFlush (with we’ll call PZ from now on) and started filling the cartridges. I soon found out that the gallon doesn’t cover the filling of all 11 cartridges. So pump a little here fill a little there and I’m good to go.
I try an initial fill and nothing happens. Took me a while to understand the the epson needs a fresh waste tank.
So after initial fill I notice that all the lines are turning a happy shade of pink. Except for my Green buddy!
So I figure I have to let it sit for a few days soaking in more PZ.
A few days later I got my hands dirty and proceeded to remove the selector assembly and flush each Chanel with PZ. A lot of green came out. I put everything back together and do one more initial fill.

Still Nothing the green line is a stubborn one.

So here I am looking for new ideas to consider. Should I try something closer to the ink cartridge?

This printer will be switched to INKJETMALL color inks in the future, just for the sake of saying I did it! To all my printing buddies!

Any help would be very much appreciated, and there is a reward in Swiss chocolate (not kidding) for whoever can find me the solution that will bring back this 9900 to life without calling the super expensive guys at ESAG (epson service).

Cheers to all!