Running Piezo DN and Piezo PRo on 3880 with one channel blocked?

I’ve just found out that I have one channel blocked on my 3880. I print glossy B/W and digital negatives

Can I reconfigure to print with just the remaining channels, and if so, how?
The blocked channel is on the far right of the inks



If I’m following correctly, it is your Y channel that is blocked. But I’m unclear on which inkset you are using. PiezoDN refers to the software for making digital negs but some people use it to mean any K7 or K6 inkset. Piezo Pro can mean the inkset with warm and cool shades or it can mean the PPEv2 tools.

If it’s one of the Piezography K7 inksets (which is what most folks mean when they refer to PiezoDN), you can reconfigure it as a P2 K6 setup but with PK (or HD-PK) in the PK position rather than in the Y position. You would need the Piezography Professional Tools (PPEv2) to do this.

Here are a couple of useful references in case you haven’t seen them yet:

I suspect though, that you mean you are using PiezoDN software with the Piezography Pro inkset. In that case, you would probably have to sacrifice the Gloss Chroma Overprint (LLK channel) so that you can use that channel for the Warm: Light ink. You would then use the Channel Remapping Tool to modify your quads accordingly. I don’t make glossy prints so I’m not sure how that would affect them, but you can do without it for negatives.

Maybe Walker will have other ideas.

Good luck,

Thanks, Keith. You provide a lot of value here.

Walker just mentioned to me that I can do this with PPEv2
I’m using the Pro inkset and PiezoDN, mainly to print digital negatives but sometimes glossy prints.
So I should sacrifice the matt black channel - is that right? That would mean ceasing matt prints but still being able to do digital negatives and glossy prints


You said it is the far right channel that is blocked - that is the Yellow channel or Warm: Light with your setup. Only one of the K inks is active at a time, so unless your K switch is also bad (as is the case with one of my 3880s) sacrificing the MK doesn’t gain you anything. You still need another slot for the W:L and the only option I see is the LLK/GCO.

Or am I missing something?


Ah, I understand now, Keith. The blacks are independent so there’s no point in putting the W:L into the matt - it has to go in the GCO. But according to Piezography Printers & Ink Placement Charts - Piezography - GCO is needed for DN. Or are you saying its not essential?

Exactly - at least it’s not essential for negatives - I’m not sure about prints since I don’t use glossy papers at all.


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