Roll paper vs sheet paper issue on Epson7800

We have an Epson 7800 using Piezo inks and recently updated Quadtone RIP which necessitated updating to OsX10.5 on an older G5 with a PowerPC processor. We use PS CS3 as the print app. When we send an image to print with the 7800 set to roll stock and cut we get an error. The LCD panel indicates it is looking for sheet stock. Since we want to print a series of images and cut each as it is finished this is a problem. Also when we set the 7800 to sheet paper it naturally sees the roll as one sheet and runs it all thru to the end, also a problem. Anyone had this problem and how to fix? We are aware of the QTR Print Tool which looks like it has a paper spec for roll stock, which the QTR within PS does not show at all, only sheet sizes. However the specs for the Print Tool say it is only for Macs with Intel processors. Thanks for any advice.

You don’t need to use the QTR Print Tool if using 10.5 (and I thought it only worked with 10.6+). There is a Paper Feed setting in the main QuadTone RIP window, where you can select sheet, roll (cut on), or roll (cut off). The QTR print window needs to be set to roll media to match your printer setting. If you continue having trouble, please contact Roy Harrington, as he directly supports QTR and is better suited to help with QTR specific issues/questions. You can reach Roy at:

Best regards~ Dana :slight_smile:

Thanks for reply. We just installed this newer QTR RIP and do not see any standalone main window, only the print dialogue that comes up thru the print command, including within PS which does not have any option for roll stock cut or not only a series of sheet sizes. Is there supposed to be a separate main QTR RIP setup app/interface? We will also query Mr harrington.

Please do contact Roy for help with QuadTone RIP, as you are using an older version and he is best suited to help with QTR specific questions.

Best regards~ Dana