Roll Paper Settings missing in Print Tool when connected to 7900

@walkerblackwell and others,

Have you had any issues with “Roll Paper Settings” missing from Print Tool when executing “install7900-ProK5.command” (or the like) on a USB-connected printer?
I can see the features in Print Tool when I look at the Epson driver printer setup, but these features are missing when I look at the QTR printer.

Initially, this printer was set up via IP, and I thought that might be causing issues. So, I canceled everything. Reset the print system. Connected via USB. Reinstalled everything. Same result.

I’m on OSX 10.15, and running the latest version of QTR and Print Tool.


Sorted it out.

While the “Roll Paper Settings” seen in this the standard Epson driver…

… are not in the dialogue of the QTR driver…

All that is needed to control the printer with roll paper is in the QTR driver…