Roll paper management question

I’m slowly diving into a backlog of un-replied questions.

Back when I was managing university labs I also went through this rigamarole. In short, no there is not way to get over it and I turned off the tracking feature entirely. Keeping backstock in hand was easier and any excess can be cut into 10x44" strips and used vertically as test print material.

About this time I also switched from Epson Ultra Premium Luster to LexJet E-Satin because it was so damn cheap. This helped in keeping back stock full.


We have a 9890 44" printer at our college, which has been extremely reliable after 8 months of use. However, one issue bothers me—the Remaining Paper management function. We use this feature to keep track of our 100 foot rolls, entering the roll length the first time one is loaded. The printer tracks usage, then prints the bar-code on the leading edge showing length remaining when a roll is un-loaded. The code is read by the printer when the paper is re-loaded, keeping the panel display accurate for the life of the roll. That’s all fine, but to use it, I have to choose when to have the printer signal that the amount remaining is “low”—4 ft. being the minimum setting on this Low Paper Alert. When the LPA light comes on, the printer refuses to print. Obviously, any subsequent print would need to measure less than 48" high, but we’d like to get more than 96 feet from the roll! There seems to be no documented way to either over-ride the LPA, or turn it off completely, without also losing the tracking data on paper remaining. Am I missing something? I find nothing in the manual, or in on-line searches that discusses this.

If there’s no solution, then we’ll just have at least one spare roll on hand at all times, and completely abandon the Remaining Paper function.

I had to laugh. Hats off to you for soldiering on, answering questions this old! The funny thing is, I’d forgotten asked it, and was about to do it again! I do appreciate the response, and may do the same.

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