RGB Colors of Epson (or IJM) 4880 ink for 8 color printers

I have been using the Epson utility for long time to exercise the printer and keep the ink flowing. I think this wastes too much ink. I was hoping you knew the RGB values for the lighter colors. Here is what I found online:
Light Light Black (RGB) 198,198,198
Light Magenta 255,128,255
Light Cyan 128,255,255
Light Black 128,128,128
Black 0,0,0
Cyan 0,255,255
Magenta 255,0,255
Yellow 255,255,0

I was using the “Purging Test Pattern- 8 Color Printers” from inksupply.com and tweaking the colors in Photoshop.

Do you know if these values are correct? I realize only the utility can force the printer to print “pure” colors for each nozzle.
But this is a close approximation, I think.

Hi Keith,

Sorry I didn’t respond to this thread sooner, I missed it somehow. But to answer your question,

If you want to print Pure ink you need to use QTR calibration Mode & print either Ink separation image or if you want to print from individual channels use Flush image(s). To do this, follow the instructions here for printing thru QTR Calibration Mode http://www.inkjetmall.com/tech/content.php?144-Print-Ink-Separation-Image-thru-QTR-Calibration-Mode