Hello, I consider myself a Photo enthusiast and very new to this forum. It would be true to say that I had left the arena for a bit, but, have resurrected my Nikon d750 and a few nice lenses. I WOULD LIKE TO REVIVE my not very used Epson 3800. Very sadly I let the Epson Stylus Pro 3000 sit for over 5 years. With some hesitation I switched it on and it did awaken. I see one of the OEM cartridges shows 2010! With times as they are, I would like to see if/how to “get her going” again.

Where do things sit right now:

  1. I have the OEM cartridges with chips EXCEPT for LLK. So 8 cartridges I have. 6 of those are dated 2010. Two are dated 2012.

  2. Some (four were already showing empty) of the cart were showing levels on the gauge. BUT after I did a modified head cleaning --using original Windex soaked bounty paper towel under print head soaking for almost 24 hrs–the gauge is now showing all cartridges to be empty. Maintenance tray now (after the print head cleaning) now seems to be indicating full). I have also done the general maintenance procedures as depicted on Inkjet Mall (cleaning the ink reservoir under the print head when it is parked, cleaning the rubber edges around that reservoir, and cleaning the wiping blade)–all with original Windex.

I am going to stop progressing on this until perhaps some kind folks on this forum can guide me in the right direction on where to go from here.

I am deeply appreciative of any replies.