Reviving a 3880 that has sat for too long (and conversion to Cone ink)

Hi, I have let my 3880 sit too long - reason: I ran out of ink and couldn’t afford to buy a new set. I’d like some advice on the Cone products I will need to get me back up and running.

My current setup:

    1. It has got to be 8 years old now. Same ink when I bought it.
  • It has now sat 3 years without use. OUCH
  • My LK tank is empty. I get the warning it is empty and can’t print a thing
  • 2/3rds of my other tanks are critically low but not yet empty.
  • I have a Mac Pro, but migrating to Linux. Maybe I’m insane, but Apple are annoying me with their lack of ability to make PCs for enthusiasts. I hope I can use the open source drivers for the 3380 (gutenprint)



  1. I assume I will need to start with a Piezoflush kit. Which one do I need? Do I just get a bottle, or is there a kit that you would recommend I buy? Do I need a separate set of tanks for this? Please advise, I am quite confused about what to purchase. Any tips other than what is in the videos online?

  2. I assume I need to buy a new OEM Epson LK tank first (or an expired one from ebay) because mine is empty (and I need to transfer the chips from my current tanks to the new carts that I buy from you)?

  3. Then I just follow the instructions for the new ink and tanks?

Thank you!

First clean with the wide format cleaning kit:

Then Flush (only if you get nozzles working!):

Let sit for a week. This will get rid of the funky gunk inside the lines.

Then covert. Make sure you do all of this in a humid (like 50-70% RH) environment.


Thanks Walker.

Regarding your comment about a high humidity environment. Is that for all of the steps? Air is wicked dry here right now here in depths of winter (I’m in New England also). Do you recommend running a humidifier or something while this whole process is done?