Return from the living dead

Hi, I"ve searched and searched and have not found a definitive answer to what is a simple question. Forgive me if I’ve simply overlooked an obvious answer.

I have a 3800 which has been stored with Piezo Flush in the carts and lines that I want to bring back into use. Do I simply replace the Piezo Flush carts with the ink carts and go? I’m getting clearn nozzle checks so that will not be an issue. I just wasn’t sure if the ink would force the Piezo Flush out of the lines without diluting the ink. Thanks, all opinions appreciated.

From this page:

Epson 3800/3880:

  • 3-4 Power Clean Cycles can be done thru the printer’s control panel, which is the equivalent of doing 1 Initial Fill Cycle
  • To do a Power Clean Cycle, push the Menu button on the printer, scroll down to select Maintenance, then scroll down to select Power Clean, then push the center circle button to start the cycle. NOTE: Power Clean Cycles will only flush the black ink channel that the printer is currently in the mode of (where as the Initial Fill will purge ALL channels at once, including both blacks)

Do a nozzle check after the 3rd cycle. If there is still a trace of pink, do a 4th.

It’s also not a bad idea to print print the 8-channel purge image in QTR Calibration mode to verify that all of the PF is out.


Thank you sir. Much appreciated.