Retouching a print


Sometimes a tiny white speck can ruin a print. Retouching is something we did routinely on silver prints. Now, what about Piezography prints? Should we use Piezography ink for this - and which shade?
Or do you recommend retouching ink like Diaphoto dyes that seems to replace here in Europe the USA made “spotone” dyes?
Any suggestion or practical tips?


We use SpotPen Retouching Pens. Amazon should have them. They make a warm and a cool set of 10 shades each. Flakes on fine art paper can be a real problem. You can gently brush the paper prior to printing - or take the sheet and carefully shake it.


I just want to add to what Jon posted.

It seems most if not all papers experience some level of flaking, but there are some things you can do about it. First off, the cleanliness of the printer, paper, and printing environment are all very important for obtaining the best quality prints. Clean storage and proper handling of paper will help reduce flaking and dusty surface. In addition, we also vibrate a sheet before printing by holding it vertically and vibrating the sheet quickly for a few seconds to shake any loose fibers off the surface. I am somewhat obsessive about keeping our printers clean, and make a point to keep the studio vacuumed and as clean as possible. I blow out the paper path of printers before printing, especially when printing gloss. I try to touch the paper surface as little as possible, and have found even gentle brush marks from a soft drafter’s brush can leave marks on the paper that are visible after printing on some papers, so I am always very careful to not to touch or scuff the paper.

When using a SpotPen to correct a small white spot on a print, I recommend taking a small piece of the same paper the print is made on, then make a mark with each of the ten pens, and dry the spots to use as a reference to decide which pen will best match the spot you need to fill in.

I hope this helps.
Best regards and happy printing~ Dana :slight_smile:


Thank you for all these advices! That’s top service!
By the way, I use StaticWisk anti-static cleaning brush and so far had no problems with it.

Best regards


You are very welcome David! We’re always here to help our customers :slight_smile: