Restore old epson 3880

I am trying to restore my old epson 3880 at home, but I still need some valuable advice. I replaced the dampers assembly, the cleaning ink suction station and the vacuum pump. When I start the complete cleaning I see the ink in the waste tank, instead when I start the print the sheet comes out white without the slightest sign of ink on the sheet, completely white. What can I still do. Thanks for the replies.

no one can help me, all opinions are well accepted

If you find lot of ink in waste tank, you should have to remove head and see how looks printhead ribbon cable CN1 and CN2 ends in the head. Inks can be shortcircuit EPSON head driver IC.
You have to remove motherboard metal house, just only 4 screws on back side. Gently pull out metal frame a little bit from printer. Near by CN69…CN72 printhead ribbon cable connector you will find SMD Fuse in F5 position at base of big heatsink. Now use voltage meter and check F5 fuse continuity.
If you are lucky EPSON printhead IC working just only fuse burned out. Maybe 375 mA 36 Volt, you can use any 375 mA fuse (voltage is not important)