Resolution of Piezography - thoughts about PiezoDN


I’ve curiously been following walkers posts regarding piezoDN and I was very interested the talk about rivaling the fidelity of contact prints from the traditional darkroom.

I saw the scans of the .7pt prints walker posted in another thread, and I tried reproducing something similar on cone5 (also tried on harman baryta) but I can’t get near such crisp results.

Attached is an example of 1pt - I printed it as a 720dpi file but it looks like somehow it is “ghosted” in the direction of the printing.

I’ve tried messing around with customer papers on my epson 7880 as well as head calibrations but don’t seem to get close to walkers result.
Just wonder if it’s an old print head, or if I am doing something wrong?

I purchased my selenium inks some few months back - they should be possible to use for the PiezoDN system?

it looks like your printhead needs to be head-slant aligned (both PF “print-feed” and CR “carriage” directions). Printing 1pt text is a good way to test for that!! Also, using the wrong paper-thickness and platen-gap settings will do it.


also trying printing very thin txt (1px wide) :slight_smile:

Also, is this printed bi-directional?

Hi walker,

Hmm just purchased the adjustment software and did a print head slant adjustment print (PF) - but it prints with GO(!!)
I don’t have any 24" paper in premium luster as per the manual - only A4 -but I take it A4 should be ok to spot any problems.

I’ve scanned the PF test and manipulated it with levels to be able somehow to see the GO print:

Pf seems pretty ok to me, but its very hard to read this chart printed with GO i find it.

Using the cr test I can see a bit of misalignment if I read it correctly:

Do you normally do adjustment based on these test charts with K7 inks, or do you use piezoflush or something else? I guess you could also use the 1pt text as a guide for doing slant alignment?
Based on the charts it seems to me that the printer is mostly in need of a little CR slant correction - but that would also seem to corrolate with the fact that the “ghosting” I saw in the 1pt text seemed to be in the plane that the printer head moves.

Curious to hear your thoughts! :slight_smile:

Any input on this? :slight_smile:

What platen gap did you print the above txt with?

Again, was it bi-directional?

Hi walker,

Sorry think I deleted part of my original reply. It is printed using uni-directional. I’ve used plate gap standard, and I’ve tried setting paper size between 1 and 4 in the custom paper setting (all seemed to have very similar results).

Regarding the slant calibration though I am not sure how to proceed based on those printouts I attached - as it is printed with GO.