Resetting maintenance Tank



Walker - I have been attempting to reset my maintenance tanks on both my 7900 and 9900. I use my maintenance tank resetter and I get a green light. I put the tanks back into the printer and receive a message “Maintenance Tank Error”. I have tried swapping the tanks between machines and get the same message. When I reinstall my almost full tanks without resetting the tank the message disappears. I have reused the tanks a few times - 4 or so times.

Should I buy new maintenance tanks because I have attempted to reset the tanks one time too many? Could my tank resetter be malfunctioning? Need a new battery?

My second question that I would like to ask using 4 point type to avoid acute embarrassment. Here goes . . . You diagnosed that I had put the wrong inks in certain cartridges. When I reinstalled the cartridges I forgot to label what black ink shade went into what cartridge. I don’t want to redo my mistake! My cartridges don’t follow the normal routine because I have two heads that have died so they don’t follow the SOP. I discovered that tonight when I was going to refill my cartridges. Could you check the notes in your file on my 7900 to determine what black ink should go in the Cyan and vivid light magenta cartridge? Inks 5 and 2 must go in one of those cartridges because I have 3,4,6 and 7 labeled in addition to matte and photo black ink.


Steve Malshuk


Walker - Any suggestions for a cure on why if I am getting a green light when I use a maintenance tank resetter that the maintenance tank won’t be recognized as being rest by either my 7900 or 9900 printer?

Also, I need to find out which black ink was assigned to the cyan and VLM cartridges for my 7900 printer.

Thanks for your help.

Steve Malshuk


Walker - Is there other information that I could provide that would assist you in providing a solution to my questions? One cure, of course, for the maintenance tanks would be to buy new ones. I would, however, like to use the Inkjetmall maintenance tank resetter to get the biggest bang for the buck.



  1. The chip may be off in your maintenance tank, the the resetter needs its batteries taken out and put back in to “reset the resetter.” Or the resetter may just need to be replaced. I suggest getting a backup MaintTank and reset it half way through and then see if it works.

  2. For the 7900 ink position check, follow these instructions: