Resetting ink cartridge chips when refilling: steady green vs blinking green

Printer: 9890 K7 selenium MPS gloss and matte.

Situation: Refilled cartridges, resetting the chips. No real problems, but noticed that all the cartridges held a steady green on the chip re-setter except for the lt.cyan cartridge shade 3, which instead blinks green.

Slight hiccup when re-installing cartridges, but nothing particularly unusual beyond opening the doors, checking the cartridges, and closing the door again. Is there an issue with the shade 3 chip?? Is the blinking green a sign that this chip is on its last legs? Not too big of a deal as I keep an extra set of chips on hand. The new cartridges and their chips are MUCH better and easier to replace than previous chips for the older Epson 9800 cartridges.


Hi Ken~

The flashing green light when resetting the LC chip may indicate that chip is on it’s way out, or it could be a bad connection between the resetter and chip- did you try resetting it again to see if it gives you a solid green light? Did the ink level reset to full on the printer’s LCD screen?

Thanks- Dana :slight_smile:

I did reset it a couple of times with the same blinking result. Ink level on shade 3 shows only half full on the LCD. I think this chip is on its way out. I have a replacement on the shelf, but will order another back-up with my next paper/ink order. Thanks, Dana! Have a great Halloween! :slight_smile:

If the ink level didn’t reset on this cart, and the resetter gave you a flashing green light, then I suspect this chip is on it’s way out- and it’s good to be prepared with a new chip to continue printing when it stops all together.

Thanks, have a happy Halloween yourself~ Dana :slight_smile:

When replacing a chip in a situation such as this does it need to be the correct color or will any color chip work?

[UPDATE] This is on a 9900.

Chips are color position specific, so you need to use a chip specific to the printer model and color position cart you’re using.

Warmly~ Dana