Reset OEM chips

will the Epson chips reset using the chip reseter. I want to pick up a empty MK cart so I can get the chip off it and do a blk ink change so I can use MK ink.

Hi Mitch~

After reviewing your order history, I see you’re using a R2400 and 4880 printer, which printer model are you asking about?
If the 4880, then yes, you can use an Epson chip on your refill cart, and reset the chip to read full using our chip resetter.
I have included instructions below for using an Epson chip on a refill cart.

Best regards and happy printing~ Dana :slight_smile:

Attach Epson chips to refill cartridges:
Before handling any chips (or really any electrical device for that matter), you should ground yourself and mindful of the clothing you wear, and if you’re working on carpet, etc… as static shock can destroy a chip.

Looking at the chip on the Epson cartridge, you will notice there are two small plastic points that hold the chip in place. Make a note as to which way the chip fits onto the cartridge so you can attach it to the refill cartridge in the same direction. Using a straight razor blade at an angle carefully cut the top of these two points off (be careful not to scratch the gold contacts), which will release the chip so you can carefully pry it off the cartridge using the edge of the blade. You can also use a sharp knife or something similar to pry the chip off the refill cartridge. You will notice the same two points on the refill cartridge where the chip goes (pry the chip off the refill cartridge before attaching the Epson chip in it’s place)- gently line up the Epson chip with these points and attach it to the refill cartridge by using single thickness (not foam or thick) double sided tape. Making sure your hands are clean and dry, press the chip to make sure it is tightly seated and flat/flush on the cartridge. Now, using the chip resetter- reset the chip and insert the cartridge into your printer.

NOTE: Installing a cartridge without a chip, or with a crooked chip attached can damage the printer’s chip sensor- so always make sure cartridges have chips secured flat before installing cartridges