Reset Chip for 4800 cart - Cyan

I ordered the replacement chip for the cyan because I was getting the INVALID INK CRTG. it came in and made no difference, I’ve read the suggestions and pretty sure I’ve tried them all. Any other suggestions?

Most likely the OEM chip is either the wrong one or somehow shorted.

If you have a second OEM cyan cart around I suggest using the chip off that.


do not have one, that’s why i ordered the chip. ill order a cartridge. I was hoping for the easy way out

Sorry, for some reason this came into my inbox as 3800 cart.

I’m editing my instructions. If it says “invalid ink crtg” on the 4800 you need to make sure of three things.

  1. The chip is seated properly on the cart.
  2. The cart is not loose.
  3. The internal (coper wire chip sensor inside the ink bay) has not been mangled. They are fragile on this printer.

#2: If loose, put a small bit of cardboard under cart where it goes into the printer. This will hold it in place during movement of the ink lever.
#3: Check with a flashlight. These sensors are about 2 dollars each and the replacement OEM sensors don’t have wires, but more sturdy copper contact “disks.” compassmicro sells them.

Otherwise, yeah, shorted chip. Historically I would just pull OEM epson chips off old carts, reset them, and use them on my IJM carts (when I was a customer of IJM for 12 yrs before working here). The OEM chips were my backups in a way.


Thank you for the follow up, I checked the sensor and it looks like it is fine, the cartridge is snug as the others, and the chip is in the same position that the other one was in. Is this normal for the replacement chips, it will clear the green light with the chip resetter so im not sure if that always makes a difference. The only other syan chi[ i have would be the one from the cyan cartridge in the black ink conversion kit if that would work. Should I try that?

Thank You. Cliff

I just ordered the cyan cartridge to see if that makes any difference.

Try it. I don’t think they are different. I could be wrong but it won’t hurt the printer to try.


It said it was the wrong cartridge.

The refillable cartridge worked on the first attempt. Would it be possible to get a replacement chip for the one that did not work?