Reset 7900 Ink Cartridge - What if it is run empty?

Does anyone know what happens if you reset an OEM Epson x900 or x890 cartridge that has ink left and then run it empty? Will the printer recognize that the cart is truly empty?
I reset a cart that had about 90ml of ink left, so now it shows 100%, but I’m curious if the printer will recognize when the cartridge is completely empty, or if it will be tricked by the reset chip, until it’s just pumping air into the line, which I definitely don’t want. Same question for the cone cartridges. I’m assuming you just have to manually monitor them and keep them filled, which is what I have always done.


The printer has no way of knowing how much ink is actually in the cart. It only knows how much ink is supposed to be in the cart, based on it starting full and how many times the head nozzles have been activated. You just told it that it’s full again. When that 90ml is gone, the chips will read as mostly full and you’ll get air in the lines and a world of trouble. Not familiar with the chips on IJM 7890 carts, but manual monitoring is a good idea IMHO.

Same scenario with our refillable cartridges, the cartridge doesn’t monitor ink levels Physically, but rather monitors based on system programmed information computed from the functions Brian listed to calculate the amount of ink remaining. You do NOT want to end up with air in your lines, this will cause a major headache!

I knew that the 7890 IJM carts didn’t monitor ink levels either. No chips do that. I just didn’t know if those chips needed manual resetting, or if they always read 100% like the 3880 carts, or some other variation. If they always read 100% then you definitely need to check. If they are manual reset, then as long as you reset at refill the reported levels should be a rough guide. Although I’d still check occasionally, as odd things can happen.

No, they do not always read 100%, the monitor the ink levels and adjust based on information processed and show an accurate read out of ink levels. You need to reset them with the resetter after they are reading Empty and they have been refilled.

Thanks for the info. Makes you wonder how accurate the printer is at assessing the ink left in the cartridge. You’d think there would be a system that detects and purges any air that could have been introduced into the line.
Can the air be removed from the line with cleaning cycles or does it require an initial fill cycle?

It requires INIT Fills, this could be 2-3 total, air is a real bugger to get out, something you do NOT want to happen

Ouch. Could you use piezoflush so you’re not pushing hundreds of dollars of ink through the lines, to purge the air?