Rescuing epson 9900

Hi, managed to pick a 9900 very cheap with both black channels not firing at all.

Unfortunately is sat for 10 days with no inks, I had some cartridges with some ink so could do a test print, but now i have both blacks, orange and magenta showing no test pattern.

I have a set of dampers and a maintenance kit, refillable cartridges are on there way.

Would be nice to get all channels working, but would be happy 7.

What is best procedure?

Use flush cartridges in just problem colours and run some power cleans?
Should i try an initial fill with flush carts in all channels?
Should i change the dampers and install maintenance kit first, or after trying the above?


It won’t hurt your printer to flush all the channels but you need to do power cleans and probably not an initial fill. Sometimes too many initial fills on this printer can damage the vacuum motor of the cleaning assembly.

I suggest you pop all the carts in, let them sit for a few hrs to soften the inlet spikes, run some power cleanings and look at the ink lines to see if you see PiezoFlush getting in there. Do a few more until you see it through the head, then let it sit for 48hrs. Do a few more power cleanings, and then nozzle check. Then sit.

Most likely the K channel has burned out or the damper assembly has a bad K channel damper. This is usually the case on this printer. But piezoflushing it at this point is never a bad idea if you are wanting to do Piezography monochrome printing, etc.


Thanks for info, by k channel you mean the black channel?

Will give your suggestions a try.

Yes, K Channel is Black channel.

The maintenance kit arrived, purchased it from guy on ebay who had purchased it for his printer, but ended up buying a new printer.

Was expecting capping station and wiper, got this big box which also has a pump attached!

Look like i got this
1616684 Epson Pump Cap Assy A D ESL ASP

Look like i won’t have to worry about pump when doing initial fill routines.

Initially just going the replace the wiper and install flushing carts.

I highly recommend replacing the entire assembly.

The pump motor is what goes on these machines.


Ok, will do that, just need to find a guide on how to do it.


Check your PMs.