Replacing ink dampers?

My 9890 with special addition ink is printing great for the last 4 years. When printing the VLM / shade 5 is starting to lose nozzles in the mid section of the head , cleaning will solve the issue but immediately after starting to print the head will lose nozzles in the same area almost immediately. To me it looks like ink starvation. Do you know of a way to check if the damper is to blame ?
In case I need to replace the dampers do you know of a good source to buy them ?


Sure sounds like restricted ink flow due to particle build up in the dampers, especially after 4 years of use. I recommend replacing the Ink Selector Unit (box containing the set of dampers), as well as the wiper blade, then manually cleaning the printer’s capping station, flushing box and bottom of the print head, following our instructions, here:

We have worked with Compass Micro over the years, and feel they’re a good resource for getting replacement parts.
You will need to follow instructions for replacing the selector unit, and you can get the repair manual from

I hope this helps!
Best regards~ Dana