Replacing Epson 1400 Print head without epson calibration tools?

I have soaked, purged, and cleaned my yellow and black heads, where the nozzle check shows that they are even worse. When I started the nozzles would only work in “fine” mode and the nozzle ck show they were partially clogged. I did the customary “head cleanings” (not more than 3 as I was cautioned. Nothing. I then got a kit with solution and a syringe. First, I slipped a towel under the head that was saturated with the solution and let is sit overnight. Nozzle check showed worse, as nothing on yellow or black was showing.(I did this multiple times in case the solution was diluting the ink). I then tried the attaching the tube with a full syringe to those specific nozzle ports and slowly pushing 1 or 2 cc of solutions. The towel underneath confirmed that the solution had passed. Nozzle ck nothing. I have found a Epson distributor that would sell me and OEM print head with restrictions, since I am doing the repair, there would be no warranty or support, as I really should send this unit to an authorized repair station and you need special instruments to calibrate this print head. I was a bit skeptical about this as ifixit site has great step by step with great photos on how to replace this head without any warning that I would need Epson Calibration devices to get it up and running. I did call 3 repair stations, and 2 of them did say the had to use epson calibration tools, as this head fits other units also, and there is a electrical calibration needed. Have you heard any of this, either for this printer or other Epson printers?

This printer is very hard to repair and when sent to epson for service they just send back a new printer 99% of the time (in this case 1430). 1400s are no longer really serviced although they are essentially the same printer as the 1430.

Did you buy our flush kit? Off amazon?

The best way to use this flush kit (if you bought it from us) is to let the PiezoFlush sit for 48hrs. Also make sure to use fresh carts and fresh ink afterwards.

Also make sure you have a working cleaning assembly and clean the flush box. You may need to also put a waste ink bottle in the back because you may have crud that has dried in the waste ink pad (bottom) of the printer that is not allowing ink to be vacuumed from the head.

I suggest buying our newest design of refillable cartridge (available individually even on our website). The ink outlets on these new carts are a significant upgrade.

If all fails, you may simply have fried electronics in the print-head, control board, or printer cable itself.


Thanks, Walker, I will try the 48 hour purge. As I said, I did leave a towel under the head, when I was purging the nozzles, and when I checked it, after overnight, the yellow and black ink were moist on the towel. If the electronics were fried, I would think then all the other inks would be affected. I will try one more time, and leave it for 48 hours. Thanks again. by the way, I have the option to buy a refurb EPSON R2000 or a new 1430 for about the same price. Any recommendations?

I recommend the R2000.