Replacing dampers on a 7900/9900

Hi: I assume that replacing the dampers on a 7900 will require the removal of the entire damper assembly. Is that right? Also, I’ve not found any instructions in the field manual for swapping out the dampers themselves. Is it obvious or are there clear guidelines somewhere? Thanks.

With this model, it’s easier to replace the whole damper assembly (AKA ink selector unit) as per the Epson repair manual. You will need to drain the ink lines (otherwise ink will flow out the end of the lines when selector unit or dampers disconnected). It’s possible to replace the individual dampers in the ink selector (you will still need to drain the lines to avoid an ink mess), though there aren’t instructions for doing this, you may be able to figure it out with help from people who have replaced individual dampers in the 3800/3880 model (similar damper/ink selector design), and some photos I attached. You can find replacement dampers online from China- they are dual dampers (each houses two color channels), and you will need a total of for your 7900/9900 printer.

The 3800/3880 damper replacement threads that may be helpful can be found here:!, and here:

And here are a few photos from my experience working on our 7900

It would be great if you could share your experience to help others who want to do the same.
Best of luck~ Dana :slight_smile:

And to unlock the print head, move this gear to lower the locking lever (this photo shows the area behind the capping station):

How often do dampers need to be replaced and how do you know they need replacing?


Depending on use, dampers need to be replaced every 1-3 years.