Replacement reset chip, please

Hi folks, my order for a complete 3880 cart setup arrived today. The LC reset chip is defective — there are only two metal pieces that protrude to touch the Epson chip, the other has fallen down through the hole. I enclose a photo of it. Can you send me another one, please? IMG_5210

2 more are not right, and I’ve tried every kind of recommended taping, but they won’t work. One is the C, the top piece is so warped and misaligned with the white plastic that it won’t tape down, IMG_5215IMG_5217

the other is the LLK, which looks fine, but doesn’t function. One of the 3 metal pieces is shorter than the others, though. Actually, both the C and LLK metal tines seem shorter than the other working chips.

I’m not normally in a hurry, but I need to get things running by the weekend. Please excuse the large photos and filthy hands!

Thanks very much —
Jeanne Wells

LC, C, LLK shipping to you ASAP!

Thank-you very much, Walker!

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fast shipping! — sent you a PM.

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